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Are you looking for uber like app for your taxi business? CroplaTaxi provides complete taxi solution to manage drivers and customers at common platform, where admin / super admin can have complete access over the business. It lets you kick start your taxi business like Uber, Lyft, Ola, etc.

CroplaTaxi app supports on both Android and iPhone platforms. Our CroplaTaxi app, uber clone which can be customized based on your business requirement. Super admin can manage admin, drivers and customers in real time.

Taxi dispatch system helps to book and dispatch the taxi to attract and increase your customers. Are you looking to automate your booking and dispatching for your taxi business?. CroplaTaxi provides taxi dispatch solution in your own brand name.You can increase business volume automatically.

Who can buy this CroplaTaxi app, a taxi dispatch system?

  • Who owns taxis and wants to run his business successfully
  • Any entrepreneur who wants to do business by adding multiple taxi vendors & earn commission from each vendor
taxi dispatch system

Uber clone - Roles in CroplaTaxi app

taxi dispatch system for admin

Admin control panel

Admin is provided with web panel allowing to access the complete flow of dispatcher, driver and customer role.

taxi dispatch system for dispatcher


Dispatcher is provided with web based panel to manage drivers and taxi. Also can assign trip to taxi drivers.

taxi dispatch system for driver


Driver is provided with mobile app, whereas driver gets taxi booking notification from customers.

taxi dispatch system for customer


Customer is provided with mobile app, where they can book taxi nearby location based on the availability of taxi driver.

Induce growth to your taxi business with our CroplaTaxi app

  • App in your brand name

    You can get your taxi app in your own brand name

  • RTL (Right To Left)

    Our taxi app supports multiple languages including RTL

  • Customizable

    You can get your app customizable as per your needs

  • Security

    Our taxi app is highly reliable and secured for your taxi business

  • Responsive

    Simple, affordable and mobile friendly taxi application system

  • Free installation & set up

    You can instantly start taxi business with free installation and set up

  • Report

    Admin can track and maintain complete report on customer & driver

  • Support

    We provide 3 months continues free support for the app

  • More

    CroplaTaxi provides advanced multiple features.

How CroplaTaxi app works?

taxi dispatch system work flow
Customer  role in Taxi booking

Manage your dispatchers, drivers and customers easily with our taxi dispatch system - CroplaTaxi

  • 1 Using taxi dispatch application, Customer books taxi by selecting pick up and drop location and then the customer can view and book the availability of taxi driver who is not on any trip.
  • 2 Once customer books the taxi, the notification will be sent to taxi driver. Then the driver accepts the notification and acknowledges back to the customers .
  • 3 Driver arrives at the pick location and then starts the trip. The customer can track his location in taxi app during the trip.
  • 4 Finally, customer reaches the destination and ends the trip. Invoice is generated and customer pays the bill, also can provide ratings for the driver in the app.

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